Digital Printing   Digital Printing  

Spectrum Printers is proud to offer digital printing services to our clients produced on our Ricoh digital presses. We have recently installed both a 9110 and a 7110 and the quality rivals our offset presses. With this new technology, we are able to offer the following services:

  • Cost-effective short-run four color printing.
  • Variable data color printing allowing each printed piece to be personalized with copy and images.
  • Spot White and Clear to accent your pieces

Our digital press uses direct-to-press technology bypassing traditional film and plates. When we receive your project, we pre-flight your files and email you a PDF proof for your approval. After approval, we are ready to print. When your project comes off the press, it is dry and ready to go directly to our finishing department.

We can print up to a 13" x 27" sheet on coated paper or 13" x 45" on uncoated. We can print nearly all of the same paper stocks as of the offset presses.

Some examples of the types of jobs that are suited for our digital press are:
  • A marketing piece that is quickly needed for a presentation or a trade show.
  • A short run of a new brochure or catalog that is used in a pilot period and then revised and run conventionally in a higher quantity.
  • A uniquely sized piece that exceeds size limitations of offset presses.
  • Personalized letters and direct mail pieces that let you reach your targeted audience with the message they need to choose your product or service.
  • Business reply mail pieces, such as a questionnaire, that can be coded to track how your product or service is received.

The list of possibilities is endless. Industry experts expect nearly one-third of all printing will use variable data in the near future. Digital technology makes this projection a reality at Spectrum Printers today. At Spectrum, printing is much more than putting ink on paper. It's exploring new marketing possibilities to make our customers successful.

Give us a call to meet with an account representative to view samples and learn how you can use this exciting technology.